Private Medical Fees

In common with other GP Practices, on occasion we may charge a fee for private medical services such as insurance and employment medicals.

The list below is a sample of some of these fees.

The nature of the private work undertaken dictates who will be invoiced for the work. We are able to invoice local authorities direct but generally we require payment in advance of medicals and reports for private companies and individuals. All fees include VAT where applicable.

Please note that we do not routinely offer character references (job, shotgun certificate, etc) or confirmation of identity (passport, etc).

We are able to accept payment by cash or cheque. we have no facilities to process credit card payments at present.

Category                                                                       Fee

Seafarer's / Boatmaster's Medical                                       £43.20

Fire Service                                                                    £80.40

HGV / LGV                                                                     £90.00

PCV                                                                              £43.20

Adoption / Fostering IHA                                                 £58.00

Child Minder Declaration (OFSTED)                                    £43.20

Full accident / insurance medical and report                       £202.80