Patient Transport

Patients wanting to book transport for hospital appointments should call the Scottish Ambulance Service direct on 01463 667566. The Scottish Ambulance service allocate transport on the basis of clinical need and will ask questions to establish the condition and mobility of the patient and the reason for the appointment being attended, as well as seeking to establish whether the patient can get to the appointment by any other means, eg friends / family or even by public transport.

Please note that for appointments at the Dunvegan Surgery, all patients are expected to make their own way to the Health Centre

Claiming Travelling Costs

It may be possible to claim back some of the costs of travelling to hospital clinics, referral appointments, etc. Patients may also be eligible for a contribution towards any accommodation costs incurred.

Ask the hospital / clinic receptionist for details of any entitlements & / or a claim form either before or at your appointment.

Travelling costs to and from the GP Surgery are not reimbursed.