Our PATIENT ACCESS system allows you to book, check and cancel appointments and order your repeat medication prescriptions online.


Since moving to this new web-site, the process for ordering prescriptions online has changed and been moved to PATIENT ACCESS.  If you have not already registered for our Patient Access system (you are already registered if you currently book your own appointments online) you will need to do so before you can order further prescriptions online and you will need to contact us for your Access Registration Letter. In the meantime you can still order repeat prescriptions by calling the Dispensary Repeat prescription line on 01470 521775 or by coming into the surgery and ordering them face to face at Reception.

If you are already registered for online appointment booking you can start to order your repeat medications straight away by clicking on the link below.


To register for "Patient Access" - Either call into the Practice or telephone us on 01470 521203 and ask to register for the "Patient Access" online appointments and prescription system. The Receptionist will issue you with a letter straight away which will contain the information necessary to register online HERE.

Thank you