Information kept about you will not be released or discussed with any other person without your consent. This includes your spouse, children or any members of the family. Sometimes this may cause inconvenience, but if you want us to be able to discuss your medical condition with another person you need to notify us in writing. Similarly, if you wish to leave results or messages on an answering machine, you must give us written consent to do this

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

This act came into force on 1st January 2005 and enables any person requesting information from a public body to receive that information, subject to certain exemptions. this is to encourage public authorities (GP Practices) to be more open and accountable and organise their information in an efficient and accessible way. This excludes personal data such as medical records and patient identifiable information.

Data Protection Act 1998

You are entitled to access your clinical record held by the practice. This should be done in writing stating exactly what information you require. Charges apply for this request as follows

Photocopied sheets - £15p / page to a maximum of £50 plus VAT

Computer print-outs - Free of charge (subject to minimum charge below). The vast majority of recent records, letters etc. will be held on computer

Minimum overall charge - £10 plus VAT

Confidentiality of Records

Practices undergo regular visits by external assessors whose purpose is to verify the process of the practice's quality of care to the patient, therefore they may need to  view records of a random number of individual patients. The visiting team adheres to a strict code of confidentiality. If you do not wish your records to be inspected, please inform the Practice Manager.